5 Social Media Rules You Should Must Know

For start-up businesses on social media, and signify their marketing efforts, one question always comes to their marketing team. The question is are there any unwritten rules of social media?

All social media has a different perspective like some important, some interesting, some useless. Every social network has its own trends and laws, work that is beyond the real world. Getting wider reach on social media has a great impact on our offline lives. In this article, we discuss five simple rules for every social media user.

To gain popularity on social media you can follow several rules like share several posts in a day, respond to all comments, use trending hashtags, entertain and inform your audience first, sell to them second and expose your company.

5 Social Media Rules You Should Must Know

Social Media Rules

To gain popularity on social media you must know these three steps like meet, connect, and repeat. You continued to meet with new people, connect with them, and then repeating the process. So, the rules of social media are as follows:

1. The Ideal Amount of Post in Social media

Before spreading your business you must know the amount of posting. Unfortunately, there are no size limitations for answering these questions. You can find the correct answer for your brand by look after your audience and knowing the post lifespan. Here is some lifespan of the post are mentioned which help to gain popularity on social media:

  • A Facebook post has an average lifespan of is 5-6 hours. Videos will get the most reach, followed by photos, links, and text.
  • Twitter has the shortest lifespan of about 15-20 minutes, retweets happen within an hour after publishing.
  • A LinkedIn post will last about 24 hours.
  • Instagram posts lifespan has about 48 hours, and stories last for 24 hours.

2. Smart Promotion 

If you want to participate in a social campaign you must promote it through the social media market in the right way.

Some general set of social media rules will keep your benefit and help you to gain popularity on social media. Those social media rules for promotion are:

  • Your posts must contain 80% informational and 20% sales material, depending on the platform.
  • Sending messages to the customers if they like your products so that they will show interest in your business.
  • For promotion, you must reach out on a more personal level to your friends to gets a better response.
  • You can also use hashtags for promotional purposes. For example, more hashtags give you a wider reach on social media like Instagram.

3. Give and Take response

For getting wider reach on social media one of the golden rules is to treat other people’s content so that they find interest in yours. If someone promotes or shares your content on their wall, you must tell them a thank you, and then mention yours. By sharing and credit someone’s content you can earn the foundation of a new social media friendship.

The best part of a good social media policy is to involve people in a ‘give and take’ and encourage cooperation even among the competitors. To gain popularity on social media you must read the demographic, select social media networks, and create a posting calendar. While proceeding, you can check your analytics and determine what is important to adjust.

4. Make a good Conversation

Relationships are always based on communication which is very crucial for your business with the collaboration of other brands or individuals.

Always add value and don’t do the following things:

  • Complaining
  • Self-aggrandizement
  • Preaching
  • TMI
  • Posting selfish information

Don’t do anything that ignores the focus from your audience, that establishes the wrong authority, and wastes people’s time.

5. Consider readers’ positive and negative reactions

While promoting your business you must consider your post on other people’s pages and groups such as corporations or universities. Sometimes it seems that you are fired from your job for other social media issues like complaining, commenting on others’ photos. There is a high risk for band posts with a unique brand voice. To gain popularity on social media readers reaction is very important. Considering the rules for audience reactions especially for brands posts. The owner who uses these for sorts of exchanges will become successful in their life.

If you had fear about misusing your post you can use hiding private posts policies. You can also check Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and check their privacy settings.


Every platform has its own way of rules. But they don’t contain a long list of regulations. So, you can check the rules and policies of your business promoting social media if it doesn’t take much to read. Beside that other social media sites like Facebook Community Standards includes some common-sense rules and the LinkedIn blog need for a good source of helpful information about job and anythings.

The most important thing is to good behavior is the most basic way for building a foundation of long-lasting relationships. So for every social media account, you must spend a good time and good etiquette. 

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