How to get free Bitcoin on Cash app? Earn from Bitcoin legit or not?

To get free bitcoins on the Cash app, you can use the Boost option. With Boost, not only do you earn free bitcoins but also avail of discounts on every purchase made. Creating a boost requires completing the following steps.

Steps to get free bitcoin on Cash app

  1. From your home screen, click on the cash card tab and then press on the Save with Boost option.
  2. Click on a boost from the available options and then press the add boost option.
  3. Once done, you can earn bitcoins from every single purchase you make. You can also avail of several discounts from the Cash app options available.

How to earn from bitcoin on Cash app?

free bitcoin on Cash app

Once you have set up a Boost account, this is how you can earn from it.

  1. With Boost, you can earn $50 for anyone purchase easily.
  2. Door Dash gives you 50% off on every purchase.
  3. Restaurants provide you 5% discount on every purchase easily.

What app gives you free Bitcoin?

Few apps that let you win free bitcoins are discussed below.

  1. Unifimoney gives you bitcoins worth $5000 reward with every signup.
  2. Shopping with Lolli gives you free bitcoins with every purchase.
  3. Pei is another app that rewards you with bitcoins every time you purchase with their merchants.
  4. Sweatcoin pays you in cryptocurrency every time you walk with the app in active mode.
  5. Bitcoin blast and bitcoin pop are some apps that allow earning bitcoin for free.
  6. Cash app is another such platform that allows you to earn free bitcoins when you enrol in its boost account.

Is the free Bitcoin Cash App legit?

Yes, the Cash app offers a program called Boost that allows you to earn from it every time you apply for it. Since it is a scheme that helps you earn bitcoins, legitimacy is not an issue to be concerned with. It is cent per cent legitimate to acquire free bitcoin through the Boost program provided by the app.


Here’s a bit about the Bitcoin Cash app feature and the Boost program that allows earning free bitcoins from the Cash app. If you plan to use the Cash app for managing and transacting in bitcoins, read essential details before proceeding.

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