How to strikethrough text on discord (Complete Guide 2024)?

For the record, Discord employs Markdown, which is a language for structuring text in readme files, forums, and basic text editors. It is used by the program since it is portable and runs in the background. Furthermore, Markdown controls all text formatting options on Discord, including bold, italic, strikethrough, underlining, and more. 

In the Discord discussion, users can strikethrough text by using the Discord Text formatting feature. Through the appropriate Discord commands, you may also alter the font’s color, and add bold and italic texts. In essence, users may utilize the Discord Markdown dialect, which employs symbols to fiddle with Discord typefaces, to make their content fancy.

How to do strikethrough on Discord?

To indicate a typo or mistake in the text, strikethrough text has a line through it. It’s quite simple to utilize this text on Discord. All you have to do is adhere to these easy instructions-

how to strikethrough in discord

Step 1- On your computer, open the Discord Desktop program.

Step 2- Then, open the chat window of any network or your in-game buddy.

Step 3–  Next, begin writing your message.

Step 4- you may now use the strikethrough marking style by placing two tildes (“”) prior to actually and afterward the text that you wish to be highlighted.

Step 5- Carefully put the necessary symbol in all the texts you want to be highlighted.

Step 6- Simply press Enter to deliver the message.

You are all done now! You’ll see that the struck-through text in the emailed message will be in accordance with the positioning of the symbols.

Do remember that once you hit enter, this procedure cannot be stopped. If you desire to reverse this operation, you must remove the entire text and start from scratch.

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On Android

It’s common to want to strike through a word or two as you type, or you might wish to paste and edit some earlier material. It’s typically simplest in these circumstances to utilize Markdown to swiftly mark content as you go. Ways to use this Discord textual trick are explained below. –

Step 1- Open Discord and select the message type you wish to send to your buddies or on a certain thread. 

Step 2- The desired text should be typed.

Step 3- Using two tildes, often known as the “” sign (typically located towards the upper left of the mobile keyboard), Markdown allows strikethrough.

Step 4– Type two tildes before you begin entering any word that you wish to be crossed out. 

Step 5- Simply go back and quickly add the tildes if you have already typed the text.

Step 6- Add two additional tildes once you have completed entering the lines you want to be removed or deleted. 

Step 7- As soon as you’re done, the area will be automatically scratched out in your text box,

Step 8- So you can readily check how it appears and make any necessary edits.

This action cannot be reversed. If you want to reverse this operation, you will have to remove the text and type it again by hand.

On iPhone

The majority of users are unaware that they may add a line across their text with the Discord Strikethrough command. You might use this Discord text formatting to draw attention to a typo or for any other purpose. These steps to using strikethrough text on Discord from the iPhone are as follows-

Step 1- Launch the Discord app on your iPhone.

Step 2- Write the whole content you feel you want to send to your friends or any other person.

Step 3Choose the words you wish to strike through.

Step 4- carefully, use the signs (“ “) in the texts.

Step 5- the signs will fall before and after the texts, 

Step 6- click the “enter” button.

Step 7- you will see the send messages with a strikethrough.

For the record, you can not undo this process. You will have to delete the text and write manually again if you wish to undo this process.

On Desktop

It is very easy to create different types of designs in your text. But if you do not use them properly, it will seem very confusing. 

Step 1- Download or open the Discord app on your PC.

Step 2- Sign in to use your Discord app.

Step 3- Open the chat section, and choose a friend or company chat you wish to use a strike thought pattern on.

Step 4- Write the text carefully in the message box, 

Step 5- After you have completed, use the (“”) sign at the start and end of each word you wish to strike through.

Step 6- After you have carefully completed the process, hit enter.

How to strikethrough text on discord?

Step 1- On your PC, install or launch the Discord software.

Step 2- Use your Discord app by logging in.

Step 3- Select a friend or business discussion in the chat section to apply the strike thinking pattern.

Step 4- Use the (“) symbol at the beginning and end of each word you want to strike through

Step 5- after carefully writing the text in the message box.

Step 6- Hit enter and you’re done!

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