Zulily Credit Card Account Login & Pay Bill Payment Online/Offline

Zulily stores are already gaining a large customer base, that is why they have come up with their own credit card to benefit their loyal customers. So it is very clear that it is a store card, so you can use it only at zulily. Now let us know how you can pay your bill and use the online portal of the zulily credit card.

How to do zulily credit card account login?

To make your tracking, payment, and accessing processes very easy, every credit card has its own website. The day you purchase your credit card by default, you have your own account. Now you have to carry out the login process to get its access. So here are a couple of steps that can help you to log in.

Step 1: Open your browser and search for the official website of zulily credit card, or click on above Login Now button.

Step 2: Now enter all the details that are asked, like your username and password. Then click on the “SECURE LOGIN” option, and you are done.

zulily credit card

If you forgot your ID and password, click on the respective buttons and try logging in again.

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How to pay zulily credit card bill payment online & offline?

Paying your credit card bill is very easy if you know the process. There are various ways through which you can pay your credit card bills, here we will mention the methods that do not need any third-party involvement and are highly secure. By using all these methods mentioned, you can pay your bills securely and quickly.

1. Online method: You can visit their official site and pay them easily. For this, you need to Log-in using your account details. After that, go to the payments section and make your payment by tapping on the Pay button. The log-in process is mentioned above.

2. Pay By Phone: To Pay Zulily credit card via Phone you can call their customer service number. Once you contact them, they will guide you stepwise until the transaction is completed.

3. Pay Via Mail: You can also send your bill payment to their mailing address. You can find the Payment mailing address and phone number in the FAQ section of this article.

4. Physically, by visiting the store or bank: You can visit the nearest zulily store near you and at the payment counter ask them for credit card bill payment options, they will guide you, and you can complete your transaction over there.

How to Pay As a Guest for zulily credit cards?

If you want to pay your bill on an urgent basis and for that, you use some other device, then you must use the “pay as a guest” option. Here are simple steps to take that option:

Step 1: Click on the option “Pay as a guest” and then complete your transaction.

zulily credit card

Step 2- Next you need to enter your card number, the Last 4 digits of SSN, & Zip Code. Enter all these details correctly & click on the “continue” button to find your account.

Step 3- Once you find the account follow the further steps to pay the bill.

What are the Interest rate & Late Fees?

The APR of the Zulily card is 26.99% and interest rates are in excess of the laws that are permeable on it. The late fees of zulily credit cards are maximum up to $37.

How does zulily credit card work?

When you use this credit card at the Zulily store for the first time, you get $15 off. After that, whenever you use the card, use a smart pay potion and your bill will be divided as seasonal which means your purchase amount will be separated to be paid in 3 months.

How to Cancel a Zulily Card?

Any credit card cancellation might result in the loss of several benefits and money-saving options. We do not suggest canceling any credit cards since you can save more money in the long run by utilizing credit cards.

If you wish to cancel your Zulily credit card, you must contact their customer care department. They will ask you a few questions and gather some information about your card before guiding you through the process of canceling your credit card. The customer service number may be found in the following sections of the article.

Customer service Number

00 1 888-826-6564 is the service number of zulily.


What is the zulily credit card payment address?

Mail address: HQ Address. 170 W Election Rd, Ste 125. Draper; Synchrony. PO Box 105972. Atlanta; Synchrony. PO Box 105972. Atlanta.

What is a Zulily credit card Payment phone number?

You can call (877) 779-5615 to pay your bills.

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