Zoom Meeting app for Jio Phone – How to use Zoom on Jio?

Last updated on February 17th, 2022 at 05:18 am

Zoom Meeting App is one of the top popular meeting apps nowadays. You can download the app online on your android, iOS, Windows device. You can also use this on your Jio Phone.

Explore more to know about the Zoom cloud meeting app.

Jio Phone users can use Jio chat, Jiocall to make a video call. They can also use the Jiomeet app for making conferencing video calls. Previously we have shared how to install Youtube app on Jio Phone.

What is Zoom App?

App NameZoom Cloud Meeting App
Size25.80 MB
Current Version4.6.20553.0413
Ratings4.0 stars
Android Required5.1 and up
Zoom app download for jio phone

The app is useful in making video calls, attending meetings, and more.

A person can do a meeting with more than 100 persons at a time. The video quality is absolutely great and it majorly depends on your internet connection speed.

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How to use Zoom meeting app on Jio Phone?

To host or attend a Zoom meeting, you don’t have the levy to download the Zoom app on your Jio phone. But there is a way you can still attend and host Zoom meetings using the Jio phone.

  1. Open the Zoom in a browser on your Jio phone.
  2. Paste the link on the Jio phone browser to attend the Zoom call.
  3. Though you cannot use all the Zoom features this way, but you can still attend meetings this way.
  4. Once the meeting ID is displayed, you join the meeting straightaway.
  5. Similarly, to host a meeting, you must sign in using a mail ID.
  6. Once you sign in with your mail ID, you can host a meeting from there by adding other people and by starting the meeting. 
  7. Not every facility is provided, but you can still avail of a few with your Zoom.

Can You use Zoom meeting app On Jio Phone?

No, the Zoom app cannot be downloaded on Jio phones and can only be used via a browser in the way mentioned above.

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How to Install And Download Zoom App?

Zoom app Online for Jio Phone

jio meeting apps

Jio phone users can’t use the Zoom app for now. But you can join meetings online on browsers. Although you may not get all of the zoom app features. But you will still be able to attend meetings.


Here’s a bit about using Zoom and Jio phones and by now you know that Jio has its own in-built space for conversing with up to 5-6 members. There is no way you can use Zoom within your Jio phones.

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