How to use & Download Zoom earth App [2024] Features Reviews

Zoom Earth is an app that allows the tracking of cyclones, rainfall radar maps, animate wind maps, severe storms, and wildfires easily.

It is a free satellite image-sharing app and gives you an exact month, year, and date details.

It is a non-Google service but it is as specific as Google Earth.

how to use zoom earth app download

How to zoom earth app download?

Zoom Earth application can be downloaded from any of the app stores for your Android and iOS devices.

For Android devices, you can easily check the Menu>Settings>Security and then check downloads from unknown sources.

For iOS devices, you can trust the application once it is launched from the General Settings tab.

  • Go to any third-party AppStore.
  • Now download the app apk.
  • Verify you’re a human by downloading some more apps as per instructions.
  • Next, run and install the app.

How to use zoom earth app?

It opens on the web browser as well as in the app form.

  • You have a Settings tab where you can check on your local Timezone, clock formats, coordinates, measurements, and wind speed.
  • From the upload option, you can upload files and also use them.
  • On the lower bottom section, there is an option to choose from- fire & heat, water, and wind direction.
  •  You can check the precipitation and moisture levels with the use of the app.


  • It is user-friendly and quite a fast app
  • Most accurate information is catered to by the app.
  • Wind, rain, and fire, the app can tell you about everything.


Reviews about the app have been fair. People are learning to use the app and love it.

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