Zapya app for PC/Android/iOS [2024] How to use Zapya?

The Zapya app is a peer-to-peer file-sharing device. It allows one to share files of any size, format, or type. The app has become popular in areas where users can rely less on internet facilities and mobile data connections. For example, limited Wi-Fi access in Cuba made this app popular there.

The app is provisionally banned in China, along with other apps.

zapya app download for pc

How to zapya app download?

You can download the Zapya app easily from the Google Playstore for your Android devices. You can also download it from the Apple AppStore for your iOS devices.

Go to the Search bar and once you find the app, click on the Set tab for your iOS devices and your Install tab for your Google devices.

How to Install zapya app on PC?

Zapya app can be downloaded on PC using an emulator. 

  • Your choicest emulator can be downloaded from the emulator website. 
  • Once done, you can open Google Playstore in the emulator’s environment.
  • Search for the Zapya app and then click on the Install tab.
  • Once the installation is complete, you can open the app in your emulator’s environment.

How to use zapya app?

The use of the Zapya app to send and receive files is easy.

  • Once you have downloaded the app you need to register with it.
  • After creating your account, you need to create a group. 
  • A group that you trust can help since you can confidently share a Wi-Fi hotspot you create.
  • Now ask your friends to join your Wi-Fi hotspot every time you intend to send or receive files between friends.
  • Although you have to connect to the hotspot to transfer files, transferring them does not use data. Transferring files can happen at a 10MB speed but there would be zero data used in the process.


which country made zapya app?

The app was conceived by Kuai Ya in Silicon Valley, California, United States, and was aimed at the Chinese market in 2012.

who created zapya app?

It was basically created by Kuai Ya.

is zapya app safe?

The app is cent percent safe to use. Various safety precautions are used by the app. Since the app does not use the internet while file transfer, it somehow saves a lot of data theft easily.

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