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Yu-gi-oh Neuron App Release Date

Welcome to the world-class application for official support that recognizes image for convenient Deck management, manages an overall database for cards, and a ton more. The application is a multilingual card game to draw the attention of players to take part in the streaming trading game. The Yu-gi-oh Neuron application is the first official application for TCG companion. The application is launched across the globe by Konami Digital Entertainment. This application will be available for download in both the Android and the iOS devices, which will be completely free of cost. 

Duelists can now become master in dueling with this mobile application. The features of Yu-gi-oh Neuron is designed with all modern techniques and applications to make sure that duelers can master in their field. The features added are just impeccable to describe. 

Standout features:

  • The mobile camera is used to identify several cards. With the image recognition technology, which is one of a kind, this application allows you to scan up to twenty cards. The easy search option through the camera is done by specifying the Link Markers, Card Name, and Card Text. The Card Recognition techniques can also help in registering the Decklists in the application.
  • The amazing capability of searching public decklists throughout the globe
  • The opening five-card hand is easily stimulated
  • Several other features to manage the Deck experience
  • The ability to check Konami notes
  • An unimaginable feature for playing BGM 

The other features include:

  • A thorough card database that has dwelling tracking features and convenient search options
  • You can now take part in the officially organized plays with the Card game ID and get linked with the current game ID as well
  • Limited List but Latest Forbidden information
  • The Deck registration has become easier with the newly introduced technique of recognizing image up to twenty cards at a time
  • You can get access to all the information related to products from Konami and the latest news about Yu-gi-oh
  • The Deck has been given more power so that the duelers can share information with others and build them personally
  • Duel support with the timer, counters, coin tosses, incredible background music, Life Point tracker, and dice rolls


Kazuki Takahashi created the popular manga- Yu-gi-oh. The application was serialized since 1996. From 1999, Konami Digital Entertainment started providing console games and trading Card Games based on the original Yu-gi-oh. Seventy-five different countries and other locations are currently using this card game that is printed in nine different languages for user convenience as a mode for fun worldwide.

How to download the Yu-gi-oh Neuron App?

The Yu-gi-oh is not a mobile game. The editor of Konami has shared the links for Android and  iOS devices. Konami authorizes this official application during parties and official events which is available on Android.

But with the newly introduced Yu-gi-oh Neuron application, the card game is available for both iPhone and Android phones. You can download the app from the given links.

For iPad and iPhone App Store- https://apps.apple.com/jp/app/id1518141847

For Android- https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.konami.YugiohOcgSupports

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