How to Apply for Young Scot Card Online & Activate it?

What is young scot card?

The young Scot National Entitlement card is crafted for eleven 26-year old Scottish citizens. It is free of charge card and can be used for making payments, choosing exclusive rewards and also calculating proof-of-age beyond anything else.

How to apply for young scot card application?

young scot card

Applications for the Young Scot Card can be made in many ways. The form is basically a platform where you need to add your identifying details. You must also add your ID details, and a list of references if any.

  1. Contact the local authorities who issue the card directly to fill up a form for it.
  2. If you are in school, fill up your form, get it stamped from the school authorities and then give it back to the community learning and development team.
  3. You can also send an email to the following mailing address, [email protected].
  4. If you are not in school and wish to apply, keep an ID card close before you begin the application process. Download and print an application from the given link. If you need some understanding to get the guide from here.
  5. If you have a, you can use it to fill the form online.
  6. You can also do it from account.

What is Young scot card Application Requirements?

The person’s proof, photograph, and residence proof must be attached here.

  1. Acceptable proofs include birth certificates, current passport, photo driving license, PASS hologram card.
  2. Passport size photograph
  3. The applicant must be of Scottish origin
  4. Address proof must be submitted, including a bank statement.
  5. You must be anywhere from 12 to 26 years old.

After filling up the application, you will have to fix an appointment with the office. The appointment is required for verifying the information that you have submitted through the application.

How to add money to Young Scot card?

Money gets automatically added to your Young Scot account for the specified activities. Additionally, you can also add money to it. For doing so, you must visit your local office and find out more about it.

How to activate Young Scot card?

Activating the young Scot card is not a requirement since the card comes pre-loaded. All you need to do is, go and use the card at required outlets. However, if you want to become a Young Scot member, you can do that by entering this card’s details to activate the account.

  1. Register for an account.
  2. After entering all the details, you will receive an email; follow the link in the account to activate the mygovtscot account.
  3. Post-reading and accepting the terms and conditions, you can log in to the account.
  4. Add your 16-digit Young Scot card number to validate your account.

How to Use Young Scot Card Application?

It can fund your school lunches, travels, gives you access to discounts, awards you reward and a young Scot membership. It also offers discounts with EYCA across entire Europe.

How to get a replacement Young Scot card?

You can replace a replacement card from the

Alternately, you can also email them at [email protected] adding,

  1. Your name,
  2. email address,
  3. Mailing address and
  4. Birthdate.
  5. If you want to update a photograph, you can do so by adding a new photograph.

The replacement card will be sent to you in 5 to 10 days.

Contact Details

Contact them at [email protected]. You can also reach them at 0808 801 0338.

Final Lines

Here’s a bit about the Young Scots card. Make sure you have grabbed all the tiny details presented here before applying for it.

Does young scot card give free bus travel?

If you are 16, 17 or 19, you can apply for your discounted bus travel. Free bus travel will be available for the under 22 groups from 31st January 2022. Almost 930000people will be covered under concessionary travel, going forth under this scheme.

How long is a young scot card valid for?

The Young Scot card is valid always. The card is recognized by the Scottish Government Law and the Scotland Police. However, vouchers issued under this scheme are valid from 31st March of the running year to 1st April of the following year.

Can you use young scot card online?

The card does not function online and is a physical card for use at various centers accepting it.


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