Yono SBI app not working? Here is the Solution [sb001 m005 error]

YONO stands for You Need Only One. The YONO app is the digital outlet of SBI (State Bank of India). With its help, consumers can access different financial, digital, and all other services like booking taxis, buses, trains, or flights. Paying bills, shopping online, and doing internet banking with SBI are possible using the YONO app.

yono sbi app not working

Why is my Yono SBI app not working? Solution

The Yono SBI app is used by many people all over India. Many times, people complain about the app. The app does not work for people due to many reasons. But resolving it is essential before you can expect the app to run smoothly on your device.

  • Wait for some time before attempting a login again. The server might either be busy or it could be non-operational at times. 
  • Once you have encountered a problem with the Yono Lite app, restart your device to resolve the issue.
  • Check if you’re using the latest version of the YONO lite app.
  • Sometimes the device date and time mismatch with the current date and time. Check and restore the original date and time.
  • Lastly, check if your internet connection is just working fine.

sb001 technical error in yono app

Sometimes when we are trying to register with the Yono lite app, we receive a Yono app technical error message. The SB001 technical error shows up while registering. The best way to handle such an error is by uninstalling and reinstalling the app again using the official app stores.

Why does Yono app say M005 error?

The Yono app technical error message shows you an M005 error while you’re attempting to log in using your M-PIN. There is no specific reason stated for the technical error. 

You can clear your cache, exit the app, and check if your app uses the latest version to find the fault. If nothing works uninstall and then re-install the app again. 

Can I use YONO without internet banking?

Yes, you can use YONO without internet banking services by using your ATM card details.

yono sbi helpline number

SBI’s 24-hour helpline numbers are 1800-11-2211 (toll-free), 1800-425-3800 (toll-free) and are functional for all 7-days.


If your YONO app does not function do not panic. Perform all checks suggested to make your app up and running again. If you still face issues do not forget to seek help from the Customer care help desk.

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