Yik Yak App: How to USE & Install it on Android/iOS devices

What is yik yak app?

Yik Yak is a social media application that was created and launched in the year 2013. With this app in place a user (denoted by the word Yak) can view and read the messages of other Yaks within an 8 km parameter. 

However, over the years it received massive criticism from the media and public that blamed the app for promoting cyberbullying. 

It was not until 15th August 2021, that the app’s makers announced a massive comeback of the app for iOS devices. 

How to use yik yak app? Download app on Android iOS

How to yik yak app Download?

The download of the Yik Yak app is possible on iOS but even Android users can also use a third-party app store to download the app. 

1. yik yak app for android

Here is what can make Yik Yak work on Android devices.

  • From the third-party app stores, apps can only be downloaded if your Android device is permitted to do so.  To permit your Android device to download apps from unknown sources, you will have to check the Menu Settings and then move on to the Security tab. Therein, you have to toggle the switch which says downloads possible from unknown sources. 
  • Now go to your favorite AppStore. 
  • Search for the Yik Yak app either by typing the app’s name in the search bar or by simply browsing through the apps.
  • After finding the app, you will need to click on the download tab beside the name of the app.
  • In between downloads, you might have to perform a human verification. Here, you will need to download and use for a specific time some of the suggested apps (2 or 3 apps).
  • Once downloaded, your app would be ready for installation. After downloading the apk file, you can run and install it on your device. 

2. yik yak app for iPhone

Simply open the Apple AppStore and then search for the Yik Yak app. Click on the Get button to complete your fingerprint and password verification as the app gets downloaded on your device.

How to use yik yak app?

These are a few steps to use with the Yik Yak app.

  • Open the app to view the comments and threads of discussions happening in that particular area.
  • Either join the conversations anonymously to comment or add a handle for yourself.
  • Creating a handle is easy wherein you have to choose a username visible to others. You can add a photo or refrain from adding it.
  • At the bottom, there are Toolbar options which include the following- 
  • Home: It displays your herds feed.
  • Herds: Joining discussions and adding to conversations can be done from here.
  • Chat: Once your phone number is verified with a phone number OTP confirmation process, you can start chatting with other people.
  • More: Technical details can be changed from here for your app.
  • Settings: Changing your app settings is possible from here.
  • My Stuff and notification: It lets you view your previous messages and history.

Main Features

Several of its features drove the popularity of the app. These would include;

  • Geofencing facility: Secondary-level schools can ask for Geofencing for their schools.
  • Peek: Using it you can find out how your area is reacting to an event versus how other areas are reacting to it.
  • Voting can help upvote and downvote favorite Yaks.
  • Yakarma is the point one can gain by becoming the most popular Yak.
  • Anonymous commenting is possible for members here.


The app reviews have never been bad since there are a lot of users who support its use. Apple store rates it at 4.5. Most mobile software has a rating around this app score, so surely it proves the app is popular.


Is Yik Yak still an app?

Yes, Yik Yak is still an app.

Why did Yik Yak fail?

Mostly Yik Yak failed as people blamed it for promoting cyberbullying.

Is Yik Yak anonymous?

You can be anonymous with Yik Yak.

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