How to Install Yandere simulator on Android without verification?

What is the Yandere simulator?

Yandere simulator apk is still in the designing phase and is about an obsessive schoolgirl extremely lovesick, named Ayano Aishi. She goes under the nickname of Yandere-chan (a trait in a girl who loves a boy so much that she can go to any extent for him, even murdering and killing other girls or people who object to her love would be removed) after the Japanese term Yandere.

She loves to eliminate anyone who secretly crushes on her Senpai. In a matter of 10 weeks, she eliminates 10 rival girls to prevent her Senpai from falling in love with any of them.

She is in high school and has fallen in love with Taro Yamada known more by the nickname of Senpai.

There are some simple elimination techniques in the game which include- expulsion, gossip, electrocution, drowning, burning, homicide, kidnapping, betrayal, faked and incited suicide, murder-suicide, torture, matchmaking, befriending and betrayal

Info-Chan provides her with information and weapons and even plans out Yandere’s actions. Ayano’s job is to avoid being caught by anyone which might lead to immediate termination of the game or it could be a decline in level and standards within the game.

what is Yandere Simulator download android ios

The simulator is absolutely free to use until you want to play two rivals at the same time. Initially, the Yandere simulator apk would be kept at a very low price (as low as $5) and would only be charged for playing with two rivals at a time.

Almost ten rivals have been planned for the game and according to the owner of the game, one rival is completely done.

Yandere simulator Download on Android without verification

The Yandere simulator apk app had released a demo last year in August and the complete game is still under development and so is the app. The first rival Osana was released with the demo. Follow the below process for downloading the game;

->> Make sure you select the Settings appropriately like Menu>Settings>Security>download from unknown sources.

->> To download the Yandere simulator online on Android without verification, you must type

->> Once the site opens, click on the Search button and try to find out the Yandere simulator apk.

->> Download the Android version of it by clicking on the Download button.

->> Further, the app would not be downloaded into your device. Now click on the app and give all permissions it asks for.

->> Finally enjoy using the app downloaded and this can be done easily without verification.

How to download Yandere simulator app on iOS, phone?

To download the Yandere simulator online on iOS follow the below instructions.

->> Use any of the injection sites like or app.

->> Type those names in your Safari web browser.

->> Once the injection browser opens up type Yandere simulator apk in the Search box.

->> When another web page opens up, click on the Inject button for the apk on your iOS device.

->> Follow a few simple instructions to download the Yandere simulator apk.

->> Once downloaded, simply play it.


Where can I play the Yandere simulator?

Yandere simulator apk can be played on any iOS or Android device of your choice. If you want to avoid the process of verification, then you can definitely use the above-mentioned Android download method.

If you have iOS then try to download it using the process of injection. Yandere simulator release date is yet to be confirmed. 

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