How to use & connect Xfinity connect app? (Guide 2024)

What is Xfinity connect app?

Xfinity connect app is a major cable provider and markets the services offered by the company like cable and the internet. It was started back in 2010 and gives you access to Xfinity services in the United States of America.

It gives you quick access to emails, helps you receive and make calls, swift access for your contact book and also gives access to voicemails and transcripts.

Is xfinity connect app going away

How to use Xfinity Connect app?

To do so, download the app and activate your service. 

  • Once connected visit the Xfinity registration page and 
  • Verify the account by following the prompts
  • Activate your service
  • Set up a new home network and password

How to forward calls on Xfinity App? app can forward the phone call to four different numbers. Specify which calls are to be forwarded to which number.

  • Go to Xfinity Connect
  • From the left-hand corner, select the voice icon.
  • Sign in with your Xfinity email ID and password.
  • Choose Settings and set your voice preferences.
  • Choose Call Forwarding
  • Add the number where you want the call to be forwarded.
  • Additionally, enter all the numbers where you want the calls to be forwarded and then click on the Add button.

How to connect Xfinity connect app to my TV?

Xfinity is available in 2017 and above TV models.

  • Try to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the internet.
  • The Smart Hub button from your Samsung TV Remote Control will take you to the Samsung Home Screen.
  • Choose Samsung apps.
  • Press on the Search icon.
  • Using the screen keyboard enter Xfinity stream in the search box and then tap on Done.
  • Choose Xfinity stream beta app and then select the download button and this will begin the installation process.
  • After completing installation, choose the Open button to launch your mobile app.
  • Register your device with Xfinity stream and then enter the login streaming credentials.

Why is my Xfinity connect app not working?

If it is not working, try logging in and logging out and also try closing and opening the mobile app again, reinstall the app and reconnect the app. There could be a number of reasons, so you can delete and further upload the app again.

is Xfinity connect app going away

Yes, the Xfinity connect app will no longer be accessible to you. The app was shut down on April 20, 2020. Also, the company has not launched any replacement for it. Many users are disappointed with this decision of the company. But in the end, we can say, the Xfinity connect app is finally going away. You will not be able to use it now.

is xfinity connect app going away

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