X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

Last updated on May 9th, 2021 at 07:48 am

The x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair is an amazing invention by the makers! It is true that it look so long for the makers to introduce such a profitable, yet productive gaming experience, but after it came to the market, it was worth the wait. This incredible concept will allow its users to immerse while they play their favorite games. The phenomenal gaming chair is manufactured by the already ruling company, the X rockers.

X Rocker 51396 pro

x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair

The entire credit for producing such a wonderful gaming chair goes to X Rockers without any doubt. All thanks to the X rockers for producing the pro series 2.1 wireless video gaming chair.

X rockers was already famous for gifting the game-hungry players with an outstanding series of audio gaming chairs previously. And, with the invention of this world-famous video gaming chair, the X rockers have won the hearts of millions.

So, if you love to play games and also want to get a world class experience while playing your favorite games, the newly-invented, x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair is something you should definitely take a look at.

This video gaming chair is the best choice for the game lovers to date. There are quite a few reasons why this gaming chair has turned out to be the best choice for the gamers. Besides being budget-friendly and comfortable, the gaming chair features a 2.1 AFM that will surround you with the best-quality sound, and the price point is also set to a extent that can be afforded by everyone.

So, if you really take your price and sound quality into consideration then there cannot be a better option than the all-new, eye catching x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair. 

Video Gaming Chair Features

x rocker wireless video gaming chair

Since you have heard so much about the gaming chair, why not spend some more time to learn about its actual features. Read on to know about five of the most attractive features of the x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 video gaming chair.

Sound Quality

A majority of gamers love to listen to the sound while they play the games. This helps to get involved into the game and enjoy the environment. After all, you enjoy what you hear when you truly love it!

Vibration Motors

The gaming chair has an additional vibration motors attached with it. This quality was not present in the previous versions, but the new series, the video gaming chair x rocker 51396 pro series pedestal 2.1 has it. The bass tomes of your audio will go in sync with the vibration motors creating an awesome space for the gamers. The gamers will now enjoy an extremely powerful audio and video quality gaming experience that will create a full-body sensation and keep them engaged and playful for hours without distraction.


  • The contemporary video gaming chair is completely compatible with the play stations, Xbox and many other gaming systems. 
  • The recently discovered gaming chair will be a plus point for its gamers from every point. Not only its amazing sound quality and compatibility, but now, the all-purpose pedestal chair will make its users comfortable than ever. The gaming chair is lounged with leather which can be efficaciously used to play games, watch movies on television, and listen to music while reading and relaxing.

Some Advanced Features

In addition to these modern and astounding features, there are some more to convince you bring this gaming chair at home without any further delay. Let’s take a look:

  • The chair helps to audit and regulate the audio gaming experience
  • It can be conveniently assembled within twenty minutes
  • The subwoofer and speakers are of great quality
  • It has a built-in radio receiver (wireless and with wire)

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The x video rocker pro series pedestal 2.1 wireless audio gaming chair bl is a decently designed and stylish pedestal gaming chair to give its users the much-needed contentment while playing games and watching videos.

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