How to write bank account close application for any bank? [2023]

How to write bank account close application for any bank?

write bank account close application

The application format for closing a bank account will be as it is given below.


The Bank Manager,

Name of Bank,

Address of the Bank,


Subject: Closure of the savings/current (the account type you have) bank account


I hold an account in your branch under the name of (account holder’s name) with savings/current account type (mention the account type and also mention the Account number……………, CIF No………………IFSC of the branch) resident of (complete residential address).

I have had an account with your bank branch for seven years (specify your number of years), and I wish to discontinue my account right now. 

State the reason why you wish to close the account. 

Thereby I want to return your passbook, checkbook, debit card with my account closure application.

I am also hereby attaching a copy of my Aadhar card to prove my identity status.

Please transfer the current balance (specify the balance amount) available in this account to another account (specify the account number of the other account).

Mention details of the account to which your money is to be transferred.

Account Number:

Bank account number:

Name of the account holder:

IFSC Code:

Thanking you

Yours sincerely

Your signature

Your name, address, and date.

How to close a bank account due to death?

Four conditions might arise when closing the bank account of the deceased.

  1. When the account is a joint account, and one of the owners is dead

The other owner must provide an application mentioning that the other owner is dead. A photocopy of a death certificate also must be attached. The deceased owner’s name will be deleted in case the surviving owner wishes to continue with the account.

If the surviving owner wants to close the account, they must submit an additional application.

  1. If there is a nominee for the savings account

The nominee must provide a photocopy of the death certificate alongwith an application stating the closure of the account due to the original owner’s death. The remaining fund will be transferred to the nominee’s account or any other account specified by the nominee in the application.

  1.  If there is no nominee for closing the account.

If no nominee but a legal heir is demanding money transfer to their account, they must provide the given documents. A copy of the death certificate, an application that mentions the account holder’s death, and a copy of the will or succession certificate, if any, has to be submitted.

  1. If there is no claimant for closing the account

When there is no claimant for closing the account, the manager transfers the balance amount to a dormant account. An application for intimating the account holder’s death, death certificate photocopy and the will or succession certificate.

How long to close a bank account after death?

Several processes are involved, and it takes almost a day or two to close a bank account, but it can also take a week or even a month to close a bank account after death. 

How to request to close bank account?

Write an application, and attach relevant details as mentioned in the previous segments.


If someone is dead, then their bank accounts need to be closed. The above article talks about the process of account closure and the essential documents one must submit alongwith when requesting the closure.


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