How to use and change icons Widgetsmith App- (Quick guide)?

Widgetsmith application is the ultimate solution for those who love to customize their home screen and keep it updated. The application has been designed for Apple users and helps you customize your widgets to the best.

You can then dynamically schedule this set of widgets to appear on your home screen, following the rules that you determine. For example, first thing in the morning, a specific widget might display the weather, then your calendar during your workday, then turn to your Activity Ring progress as you finish up your day. This helps you to manipulate every slot on your home screen to the max.

Apple Wellbeing is optionally incorporated with Widgetsmith. If you pick one of those types of widgets, this data is used to show your move and operation.

How to use widgetsmith app?

how to do widgetsmith app

To use the widgetsmith application on iOS 14, you need to free download it and install it on your phone.

1. Open and import the WidgetSmith app from the Appstore, or you can import it directly from https:/

2. You can have a mini, medium, and big widget in three sizes layout.

3. Click on the widget size to be applied and customized. This opens the next screen for editing the widget.

How to change app icons with widget smith app in ios 14?

ios 14 widgets app icons

The use of Widgets in ios14 is a relatively easy process. Let’s take a look at the iOS 14 widgets and how to use them to your advantage.

1. Unlock your iPhone and click on your home screen for a long time. For your compatible iPhone, use Force Contact.

2. With all your home screen app icons jiggling in their place, your computer can now enter edit mode.

3. You can now see a list of all the widgets on your computer that are available. Even iOS 14 shows you the most popular ones with a preview at the top of the page.

How to add photos on widgets with widgetsmith?

You have the option on the application form where you can add the multiple photos and use them on your iPhone easily. By downloading that application you can easily add pictures.

Also, Read the Complete guide on how to add a Photo widget by using widgetsmith app.

widgetsmith app download apk

How to download the app free in the iPhone 14 and android device?

You can download this app from the apple app store. There one can download this app in free. You can also download its apk version from the apkpure. Widgetsmith has an optional premium subscription included. This is delivered weekly or annually. If you want to buy a subscription, you will be charged your payment to your iTunes account.

The price of this app is very reasonable. Subscriptions are automatically extended unless they are terminated within 24 hours prior to the end of the current term. After purchase, you can turn off auto-renewal at any time by going to your App Store account settings.

If you want to ask anything related to the app feel free to comment below.

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