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Recently, Painter of the Night App season 2 release date announced, and also trailer released. It is a series of Manhwa that is written by ByeonDuck. This series is an ongoing series that is published by the Lezhin comics. This comic is concerned all about a noble where Seungho wants Na-Kyum to continue painting erotic images of men reluctantly.

Painter of the Night free Webtoon 

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If you want to download Lezhin comics and want to know how to watch them free. Also, get to know about its premium version cost and price. Then follow this article to the end and go through the amazing stories of the painter of the night series. There are various sections in this series that is sure to keep you engaged and happy. This section includes Romance, Action, GL, BL, Fantasy, and Drama.

Painter of the Night Season 2 Trailer

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painter of the night free webtoon

Baen Na-Kyum

He is described as an exceptionally talented and young painter, who is capable of creating exotic pictures of men through his drawing. He decided that he would quit painting after publishing a series of his talents under a pseudonym collection. 

Everyone abandoned him when he was a child. It was the House of the Kisaeng where he grew up. Being a talented artist, he drew several themes. Suddenly, he thought about leaving his talent behind to live a life as a drunken person. 

After he came to know about Seungho in person, he was convinced that all noble people are so by their appearance and nothing else. He considered being living like a nobleman was filthy, for which he ended up tearing his talent of creating images.

Yoon Seungho

The Yoon family’s eldest son is a disgraceful agitator. He forces himself into the life of Na-Kyum to accomplish his greedy desire. Yoon wanted Na-Kyum to become his personal painter, after hearing about his talent.

He portrays himself as an unendurable man who can become violent at times. He explains to Na-Kyum about his cunning mentality where he makes clear the fact that he would never embrace a countryman.

He blackmails Na-Kyum by snatching away one of his paintings and promises to return it once Na-Kyun starts to paint for Seungho. 

Jung In-Hun

He is a teacher who teaches young children. At the same time, he is a poet whom Seungho locates.


He is a subject who comes across Na-Kyum and urges him to yearn for Seungho’s soft spot.

There are several episodes of Painter of the Night. This include:

  • Webtoon
  • Wattpad
  • Baca
  • Anime planet

Click on the link given below to get access to the following series

  • Full Series- full series
  • Ranking Series- Top 100


Who is the author of the Painter of the Night?

The author of the Painter of the Night is ByeonDuck.

Where can I read Lezhin Comics for free?

Here, I am suggesting some of the websites where you can try to go through the free comics of Lezhin. Mangago, Myreadingmanga, Mangakalot, and Manga Rock.

How much does Lezhin Comics Premium cost?

You can visit lezhin.com to check the cost and price. Also, download Lezhin’s comic premium or free.

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