What is AR Zone App Samsung S10+? [Features & Install App Now]

Welcome guys, Today, I will tell you about Samsung S10+ AR Zone App. Many people want to know about this android app.

It is used to enhance the visual experience on Samsung smartphones like Samsung Galaxy Note 10 or 10+, S10, S10+, S10e, Galaxy Fold, Note 9, S9 and S9+, etc.

samsung ar zone app

Az Zone app provides us many camera features and enhances the capability of our camera. There are so many cool features this app provides us that we really enjoy.

To know more about this app such as features, how to download and use etc. Explore this article to the end.

What is Samsung AR Zone App?

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Ar Zone is an android app that comes by default in Samsung devices. It is used to enhance the visual experience or cameras of the Samsung smartphone.

It adds various wonderful features in phone cameras like emojis, 3D Draw or writes, Creating photo emoji, etc.

AR Zone comes by default in all the latest smartphones or you can download it from Samsung official websites.

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Ar Zone Emoji Camera

What is Emoji Camera?

Do you have ever seen the option of converting your facial expression and movement into an animated cartoon?

It is done by Emoji Camera.

Ar Zone app converts your selfie into an animated version and you can record your facial expression in the animated version.

That is too fun to do that. If you haven’t tried it yet then you must try.

Also, you can create custom Ar Zone Emoji. To do so, you need to follow the below steps.

1. First of all, you need to open your smartphone’s camera
2. There, you will see AR Zone, just click on it
3. Now, Tap on a sticker or AR Emoji Option
3. Now, you have to tap on Create Avatar option
4. Now Click photo
5. After that select your Gender
6. That’s it. New Emoji is ready.

You can also customize this emoji in Ar Emoji Studio by applying hairstyle, clothes, color, etc.

There are so many editing options available in Ar emoji Studio.

Try all and save the best option.

Ar Zone Doodle

This feature allows us to draw in 3D on your smart Samsung mobile phones. Use an S pen to draw and write. Also, you can do video doodle by following the below options.

  • Open your Camera
  • Select the video option
  • There you will find out the recognition area.
  • With the help of an S pen draw on it.
  • After completing, start the video option
  • At last, stop the video

Deco Pic

It allows us to capture both image and video along with AR Emoji stickers.

This is all about Samsung AR Zone App. I hope you loved this article.

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Thank you.

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