Parental Webwatcher App Setup & Cost (Check Review)

What is Webwatcher app?

Webwatcher mobile app is a parental control app that helps monitor a kid’s online activity and every parent is suggested to use one to monitor their child through it.

The app securely collects data from your child’s system and securely deposits it in a safe parental web-based account. You can oversee it from practically any device whether an Android or an iOS.

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The Webwatcher app can collect almost everything from your child’s device including photos, messages, web browser history, and even track their current GPS location.

How to use the Webwatcher app?

To use the app, complete three steps.

  • Download the app
  • Sign up
  • Begin tracking remotely.

For iPhones follow the below process;

  • Log in
  • Monitor activity
  • Begin the tracking process remotely

How does the Webwatcher app work?

It records all information from the device where it is implanted. So, all you have to do is implant it in a device that you plan to monitor. 

  • You can see and keep a track of all records and activities.
  • You can keep a track of all their bullies and online predators.
  • The app is extremely user friendly and provides quick solutions to queries.
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Download and Setup Webwatcher app on Android & iPhone

To download Webwatcher mobile app on Android, follow the below procedure;

->> Open Playstore and click on the three-line tab.

->> Click on the Play Protect option and then toggle the switch on.

->> Click to confirm it OK.

->> This process turns off the full scanning process.

->> Now enter into the child’s screen.

->> Now on the child’s device, go to Menu>Settings>Security> download from unknown sources.

->> Choose Install and then open the app.

->> Select the child’s device when prompted to do so.

->> Enter Webwatcher username and password.

->> Go to the activate app supervision button and then choose the WW Companion app.

->> Toggle to measure the usage tracking.

->> Now you have to activate web supervision and then you have to click on Activate now option.

->> From the Runtime permissions enter the Activate Now option.

->> Additionally, from the device administrator page click on activate now and then choose Activate for WWChild app.

->> From the viewing recorded data, click on Ok got it.

->> It takes almost 15 minutes of your time to complete the installation process.

For iPhone Users

To download  App on iPhone, follow the below procedure.

For the iPhone, please find the additional features.

  • It rather would use the iTunes Wi-Fi sync and inbuilt iOS feature to backup an iPhone.
  • Once it is downloaded on your iPhone connect it to the Windows computer.
  • Now follow the step-by-step guide to complete installation.
  • You will have to add your iCloud password and ID.
  • Finally, log in to another device to access the available report.


Webwatcher mobile app always receives nice reviews from parents throughout its journey.


How much does Webwatcher cost?

For one month subscription is $39.95, for 3-month it is $59.95 and for 12-months it is $129.95.

Is legit/Trustworthy?

The app is completely legitimate and trustworthy to use.

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