"WhatsApp 'Edit' Feature Is Here!"

"Learn how to correct sent messages"

"Step 1: Locate the Message"

"Scroll through your conversation to find the specific message you want to edit."

"Step 2: Long-Press or Right-Click"

"On touch devices, press and hold your finger on the message. On a computer, right-click on the message."

"Step 3: Select 'Edit'"

"A menu will appear with various options. Choose the 'Edit' option from the menu."

"Step 4: Make Necessary Changes"

"The message text will become editable. Modify the text to correct errors or enhance the content."

"Step 5: Save the Changes"

"After making the desired changes, save them by tapping the checkmark or save button on your device's screen."

"Indication of Editing"

"The edited message will display the word 'edited' next to it, notifying recipients of the modification."

"Your Privacy and Security"

"Rest assured that your messages and edits are safeguarded by WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption."


"Enjoy the convenience and power of editing messages on WhatsApp!"