"Top 10 Free Video Editing Apps"

"Unleash your creativity without breaking the bank"


"Apple's user-friendly video editor for iOS and macOS. Great for beginners and packed with a variety of templates."


"GoPro's editing app is perfect for quick, automated edits. Add photos and videos to create a synced video in just a few taps."

Adobe Premiere Rush

"Designed for quick editing, it offers simple tools for color, audio, motion graphics, and more."


"A powerful video editor and video maker, offering features like trim & cut, blur background, and video effects."


"Full-featured video editor for Android and iOS. Includes multi-layer editing and lots of powerful tools."


"Open-source video editor with a simple user interface but powerful features. Available for Linux, OS X, and Windows."

VSDC Free Video Editor

"A non-linear video editing software that offers a range of functions including visual and audio effects."


"A comprehensive video editing app that allows you to create professional-looking videos directly from your Android or iOS devices."


"An easy-to-use video editing app with a wide variety of effects and functionalities."

DaVinci Resolve

"A professional-grade free video editing software, with advanced color correction and grading tools."

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"Ready to make your next masterpiece?"