The AI Impact

– Meet Sharanya Battacharya, a 22-year-old copywriter from India. – AI drastically reduced her income, causing financial distress for her and her family.

Uncertain Future

– Sharanya faces unemployment in a competitive job market. – AI's rise led to anxiety and panic attacks.

Family Struggles

– Reduced earnings forced cutbacks in living expenses. – Life became financially challenging.

Plea to Companies

– Sharanya urges consideration for the human impact of AI-driven job cuts. – Calls for collaboration between AI and human creativity.

Wider Impact

– Copywriters worldwide affected by AI's emergence. – Human touch remains invaluable in creative work.

Adapting for the Future

– Finding ways to incorporate AI into human skills. – Collaborative efforts can lead to greater outcomes.

Human-AI Partnership

– AI augments human creativity and efficiency. – Balancing technology with empathy is crucial.

Building a Better Tomorrow

– Remembering AI's real-life impact. – Striving for a harmonious coexistence of technology and humanity.