"Telegram New Feature"

"Connect, Share, and Stay Engaged"

"Telegram's Upcoming Feature"

"Stories Like Instagram" Telegram has announced an upcoming feature that is already present on Instagram.

"Announcement by Pavel Durov"

"Telegram's Founder and CEO" Pavel Durov, the founder and CEO of Telegram, recently made an announcement.

"Telegram Stories: A New Experience"

Telegram Stories will be displayed at the top of the screen in a bar that does not take up much space.

"Visible and Space-Efficient"

The Telegram Stories bar will be prominently visible at the top of the app interface.

"Control and Privacy"

Telegram Stories will offer users extensive control over their sharing preferences.

"Flexible Duration Options"

Telegram users will have the flexibility to choose the duration of stories.

"Final Testing Phase"

The feature is expected to be rolled out to all users in early July.