"Tamannaah Bhatia Opens Up About Intimate Scenes"

"The actress reflects on double standards in the industry"

"Trolling and Hypocrisy"

"Tamannaah receives hate comments for her intimate scenes in Lust Stories 2."

"Find out about Ram Pothineni's hefty 15-crore role"

"The Double Standard"

"Male actors doing similar or worse scenes are celebrated, while female actors face criticism."

"Tamannaah's Perspective"

"Misogyny in the industry still prevalent despite progress."

"Challenging Stereotypes"

"Tamannaah questions why female actors face personal attacks for their choices."

"Facing Backlash"

"Tamannaah shares examples of hateful comments she received."

"Breaking Boundaries"

"Tamannaah's decision to explore new roles after a long career."

"The Kissing Rule"

"Tamannaah discusses her decision to break her no-kissing policy for Lust Stories 2."

"Evolution and Creativity""Evolution and Creativity"

"Tamannaah emphasizes that her choices are driven by artistic growth."

"Closing Thoughts"

"Tamannaah challenges societal norms and calls for equality in the industry."

"The End"

"Addressing the double standards in Bollywood"