Star Diary: 31 July - 6 August, 2023 Stargazing Highlights of the Week


Welcome to Star Diary podcast by BBC Sky at Night Magazine. In this episode, we explore the celestial events from 31 July to 6 August, 2023.

Mercury's Apparition

Mercury's evening appearance continues. Visible around 9:30 PM, mainly in the West Northwest. Spot it alongside Mars, with Mercury being the brighter of the two.

Saturn and Neptune

Saturn and Neptune rising before 10:00 PM. Moon's journey near Saturn and Neptune from 2nd to 4th August. Great opportunity for composite imaging.

Neptune Observation

Catch the Moon near Neptune on 4th August. Remember, Neptune requires binoculars to be spotted. Detailed sky guide in Sky at Night Magazine.

Morning Sky Delights

Jupiter and Uranus rise in the early morning. Forming a shallow triangle with the Pleiades cluster. A sign of upcoming dark, clear nights.

Pleiades Triangle

Jupiter, Uranus, and Pleiades create a beautiful alignment. Symbolizing the approach of winter stargazing. Enjoy the dark skies and the wonders they hold.


Thank you for joining us on this week's Star Diary podcast. Explore the cosmos and embrace the magic of the night sky. Stay tuned for more astronomical insights from BBC Sky at Night Magazine.