"Samsung Galaxy M34 5G and Galaxy F34 5G: New Mid-Range Smartphones"

"Next in the Galaxy Line-up"

"The Successor: Galaxy M34 5G"

"Following last year's Galaxy M33 5G, Samsung is set to introduce the Galaxy M34 5G."

The Galaxy F34 5G: New Addition

"Alongside the M34, the Galaxy F34 5G is also on the horizon."

"BIS Listing: Launch Imminent"

"Both the M34 5G and F34 5G have appeared on the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) certification website, hinting at a launch soon."

"Galaxy A34 5G: A Glimpse"

"The A34 5G features a Dimensity 1080 SoC, 8GB RAM, 256GB storage, a triple-camera setup, and a 6.6 inch AMOLED display."

"Potential Features"

"While not confirmed, the M34 5G and F34 5G might share specs with the recently launched Galaxy A34 5G."

"The Future: M34 5G and F34 5G"

"The upcoming Galaxy M34 5G and F34 5G may bear similarities to the A34 5G, with slight hardware variations."

"Stay Tuned"

"Watch this space for more updates on the Samsung Galaxy M34 5G and F34 5G."