Russia's Robotic Moon Mission Fails

Luna-25 Probe Crash

Russia's Luna-25 probe crashes on the moon after thruster misfire, losing communication and entering a wrong orbit.

Roscosmos Announcement

Russian space agency Roscosmos announces the mission failure due to deviation in rocket firing parameters, causing collision with lunar surface.

Artist's Impression

An artist's depiction of Luna-25 spacecraft on the moon's surface. The probe's orbit-adjustment firing goes wrong, leading to the crash.

Disappointment for Russian Space Program

The failure is a major setback for Russia's space program, striving to explore the moon's south pole for potential ice deposits.

Valuable Lunar Resources

Ice deposits in the moon's south pole could provide valuable resources like air, water, and hydrogen fuel for future missions.

Global Lunar Exploration Plans

NASA's Artemis program and China's taikonauts plan south pole missions, while India's Chandrayaan-3 aims to learn from previous lunar failures.

Unsuccessful Launch

Launched on August 10, Luna-25 aimed for an early landing but crashes on the moon, ending Russia's lunar aspirations for now.