How to remove channels from whatsapp status?

WhatsApp has recently unveiled its new "WhatsApp Channels feature" in India and various other countries.

Although WhatsApp Channels has initiated its rollout, it isn't accessible to everyone at this point.

Certain functionalities, such as channel creation, may not yet be accessible to some users.

This functionality closely resembles the "Broadcast channel feature" found on Instagram.

Channels serve as a one-way broadcasting tool that enables administrators to share text, photos, videos, stickers, and polls.

To locate channels, head to a new tab labeled "Updates" within WhatsApp, where you'll discover Status updates and the channels you opt to follow.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to remove channels from WhatsApp:

Navigate to the Updates tab on WhatsApp mobile or the Channels page on WhatsApp web.

Locate and tap (on mobile) or click (on web) your desired channel to open it.

Click or tap on your channel name, and then select "Delete channel" followed by "Delete."

Confirm the action by entering your phone number and tapping or clicking "Delete."

Once successfully deleted, you'll receive a message in the Updates tab stating, "You have deleted your channel."