"Remembering Ray Stevenson"

"A Tribute to a Brilliant Actor"

"Career Highlights"

"Stevenson, renowned for roles in ‘RRR’ and the ‘Thor’ series, has left us at the age of 58."

"An Illustrious Career"

"From Northern Ireland to Hollywood, Stevenson's career spanned several decades and a range of roles."

"RRR: A Major Hit"

"Stevenson's recent work in 'RRR', which won an Oscar for best original song, marked a career high."

"Entering the Star Wars Universe"

"Stevenson was excited about his role in the upcoming Star Wars series ‘Ahsoka’."

"Familiar with The Force"

"Stevenson's relationship with Star Wars was ongoing, having lent his voice to characters in ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ and ‘Star Wars: Clone Wars’."

"Stevenson's Breakthrough"

"His role as Titus Pullo in the BBC/HBO series ‘Rome’ brought Stevenson into the international spotlight."

"Remembering Ray"

"Colleague James Purefoy paid a heartfelt tribute to Stevenson, acknowledging his 'brilliant, gutsy' performances."

"Marvel-ous Moments"

"Stevenson made a splash in the Marvel Universe as Volstagg in the ‘Thor’ franchise."

"Versatile Performer"

"From TV series like ‘A Woman’s Guide to Adultery’ to big-budget films like ‘The Three Musketeers’, Stevenson's talents knew no bounds."

"A Loss to Cinema"

"With his passing, the film industry loses an actor known for infusing each role with heart and commitment."

"Goodbye, Ray Stevenson"

"His legacy continues in the characters he brought to life."