Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana

The Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana, a scheme offering free smartphones, begins today. Learn how to register and participate in this initiative.

Eligibility and Registration

Eligible women must register for the scheme. Registration camps are set up in every block by the district administration.

Registration Requirements

To register, eligible women need to bring Aadhar Card, Jan Aadhar Card, PAN Card, and their registered mobile number. Students should also carry their ID cards.

Phases of Smartphone Distribution

The distribution occurs in phases. In the first phase, smartphones will be given to single/widowed women, students from classes 9-12, government ITIs, polytechnics, and women heads of families.

Eligibility Criteria

Certain conditions apply, such as completing 100 working days in MNREGA for women heads of families or 50 working days in the Indira Gandhi Urban Employment Scheme.

Information Sources

Stay informed about the scheme on the Jansucha Portal, toll-free number 181, and e-Mitra Plus machine. Check eligibility on the Jansuchna Portal.

Indira Gandhi Smart Phone Scheme

Additionally, the Indira Gandhi Smart Phone Scheme begins today, providing smartphones to Chiranjeevi family women.

Join the Rajasthan Free Mobile Yojana

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