"Tips to Prevent Overheating on Your Phone"

"Keep your device cool and functioning properly"

"Leaving your phone in direct sunlight"

"Avoid exposing your phone to direct sunlight for extended periods"

"Keeping your phone in a hot environment"

"High temperatures can cause your phone to overheat, so keep it in a cool place"

"Overusing your phone while charging"

"Avoid using resource-intensive apps when your phone is charging"

"A faulty battery or charger"

"Ensure your battery and charger are in good condition to prevent overheating"

"Bugs in the software"

"Keep your phone's software up to date to avoid potential software-related issues"

"Rogue apps or malware"

"Be cautious of suspicious apps and install reliable security software"

"Keep your phone away from direct sunlight"

"Find a shady spot to protect your phone from heat"

"Avoid hot environments"

"Keep your phone away from places with high temperatures"

"Optimal temperature range"

"Maintain your phone's internal temperature between the recommended range"

"Don't use resource-intensive apps while charging"

"Avoid processor-heavy activities during charging"

"Keep your software up to date"

"Regularly update your phone's software for bug fixes and performance improvements"

"Avoid third-party chargers"

"Use reliable chargers to prevent compatibility and safety issues"