iOS 17 Camera Shortcuts

What's New?

iOS 17 brings killer new camera shortcuts for your iPhone, allowing you to jump straight to specific camera modes.

Shortcut Options

With iOS 17, you get eight practical camera shortcuts: Selfie, Video, Portrait, Portrait Selfie, Cinematic, Slo-Mo, Time-Lapse, and Pano.


Set up your own camera shortcuts according to the available camera features on your iPhone model.

Speed Matters

Accessing a specific camera mode instantly can make a difference between capturing a perfect shot and missing the moment.

How to Set Up a Camera Shortcut

Follow these steps to create your camera shortcut: 1. Open Shortcuts > Tap the '+' icon 2. Tap Add Action > Apps > Camera 3. Tap Open Camera 4. Press and hold Photo > Choose your option 5. Tap Done

Add to Homescreen

Make it even more convenient by adding the camera shortcut to your homescreen using the Shortcuts widget.

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Now, use your new camera shortcut from the homescreen or summon Siri to open it with the command "Open Camera Shortcut." Capture moments with ease!