"Iam Tongi: The New American Idol"

"Triumph in Season 21"

"A Shocking Win"

"18-year-old Iam Tongi crowned the Season 21 winner of American Idol, outperforming contestants Megan Danielle and Colin Stough."

"A Deciding Performance"

"In the finale, Iam performed his original single 'I'll Be Seeing You', securing him the first-place title and a recording contract."

"Record-Breaking Audition"

"Iam Tongi's audition, a touching cover of 'Monster' by James Blunt, is the most-viewed audition in American Idol history, with over 16 million views."

"Hawaiian Roots"

"Hailing from Kahuku, Hawaii, and of Tongan, Samoan and Irish descent, Iam is the first Hawaiian-born Pacific Islander to win American Idol."

"Second Time's the Charm"

"Despite failing to pass initial screening in his first attempt, Iam returned to audition again, making his late father's belief in his talent a reality."

"Voice Preservation Ritual"

"A warm scarf around his neck and ample fluids are Tongi's secret to preserving his voice before every performance."

"Making Hawaii Proud"

"Honolulu Mayor celebrates Tongi's victory, marking it as a proud day for Hawaii and a life-changing event for Tongi and his family."

"The End"

"Iam Tongi, a rising star in the world of music."