Google Makes It Easier to Protect Your Privacy

Google will soon introduce a new dashboard in the Google App, allowing you to request the removal of specific personal information from search results.

No Guarantees on Internet Removal

Remember, removing your information from Google Search doesn't guarantee it's removed from the internet. For website removal, contact the website directly.

Blurred Images for Sensitive Content

Google now blurs explicit imagery by default to protect users from accidentally viewing graphic content. Safe Search remains off, but users can disable blurred images if needed.

Google's Response to Privacy Concerns

As stories of people struggling to remove their information surfaced, Google responded by making it easier to remove unwanted information from Search.

New Policy on Explicit Personal Images

Google now allows users to request the removal of explicit personal images, regardless of consent, from Search.

How to Remove Information from Google Search

To remove information from Google Search, do a search of your name, click on the three dots next to the result, and select "Remove result."

Google's Review Process

Google usually takes a few days to review removal requests and ensure they meet policy requirements.

Deleting Your Twitter Account

Deleting your Twitter account is possible, but be aware that you have a 30-day window to reactivate it if you change your mind.