Earthquake and Tropical Storm Strike Southern California

A dual disaster: earthquake and tropical storm hit Southern California.

Magnitude 5.1 Earthquake

An unexpected magnitude-5.1 earthquake jolts Ventura County.

Aftershocks Follow Quake

Multiple aftershocks of magnitude-3.0 or greater follow the initial earthquake.

First Tropical Storm in Decades

Simultaneous occurrence of a tropical storm and earthquake shocks the region.

Term "Hurriquake" Trends

Social media buzz as the term "hurriquake" trends after the quake.

Remnants of Hurricane Hilary

The earthquake strikes on a day when remnants of Hurricane Hilary bring rain during the region's driest month.

Epicenter: Ojai, Ventura County

The earthquake is centered about four miles southeast of Ojai.

Reports of shaking from Ventura to Santa Barbara, including parts of LA's San Fernando Valley and other areas.

Widespread Shaking Reported