Latest Dani Data App Scammed Millions of Users and run away with money

Do you know About Dani Data App Scam?[Online earning app]

Do you know About Dani Data App Scam?[Online earning app]

Latest Dani Data app claimed that users can earn money through this app by investing money in this app.

After adding money to dani data app, you have to perform some irrelevant tasks to earn money through it. Tasks are not even related to apps.

Many of users get into this trap and invested their hard earn money in this fake app and got nothing from it. Even their is no customer support

User spend their precious time on this app to earn money online but now app is not allowing to withdraw money.

App is not created by any professional or expert developer. It is poorly designed website and app. That indicates it's designed to scam users.

App has not shared the information of its founder and creator. Even app registration details are not available.

No contact information available, users can't even contact the support team for any queries. Every legit app shares its contact details for user queries.

Everything that is claimed in the app is totally fake and you can't withdraw a single ruppee from it.

Be aware of this type of fake apps and always check app is legit or not before using it. You can check it's reviews online before using.

You should learn from this story. Don't share your personal details, bank details, and information on these fake apps. Share it with friends, family.