"Unveiling 13 Cool WhatsApp Hidden Features 2023"

"Maximize Your Messaging Experience"

WhatsApp Secret Chatting – Hide WhatsApp Chats"

"Hide your chats without archiving by using GBWhatsApp. This offers a hide/unhide chat option."

Change the WhatsApp Text Color"

"Transform the color of your chat text using a third-party app like Blue Words."

Underline Text in WhatsApp

"Apps like Blue Words let you underline your text for a bit more emphasis."

Pin a Chat to the Top of the Screen

"Make important conversations easily accessible by pinning them to the top of your chat list."

Check the Data Usage for Each WhatsApp Contact

"Monitor your data consumption per chat under the 'Storage and data' settings."

Save Mobile Data on WhatsApp

"Adjust your settings to stop automatic media download and save your mobile data."

Recover Deleted WhatsApp Chats without Backup

"Use third-party apps like PhoneRescue for iOS to retrieve lost chats, even without a backup."

Hide Your Chats

"The Archive feature allows you to keep your private chats off the main app screen.

Send a Group Message without Creating a Group

"Use the Broadcast feature to message multiple contacts at once, no group needed."

Mark Important Messages

"Star messages to easily find them later. Access all starred messages in one place."

Find All Your WhatsApp Photos and Videos

"Locate all your WhatsApp media files in your phone's default Gallery app."

Hide Media From Certain Chats in Your Gallery

"Choose which media files appear in your Gallery by adjusting each chat's 'Media visibility' settings."

Mark a Message as Unread"

"This feature acts as a personal reminder, even if it doesn’t change the read status for the recipient."


"Explore these hidden features and enhance your WhatsApp experience!"