Calling All Influencers!

Slice, the pizza delivery app, is hiring a pizza enthusiast to create captivating content.

Empowering Independent Pizzerias

Slice, launched in 2010, supports over 19,000 pizzerias nationwide with tech and services.

Pizza Influencer Wanted

Slice seeks a video creator to make TikTok and Instagram content celebrating pizza and pizzeria owners.

Create and Connect

The chosen influencer will develop engaging video content to resonate with Slice's audience.

Beyond the Camera

Comfort with on-camera interviews is a must for potential applicants.

Earn While You Eat

The pizza influencer can make between $85,000 to $110,000, plus a weekly pizza stipend.

Apply Now!

Interested in becoming Slice's first pizza influencer? Click the link to apply!

Taco Bell Controversy

In other news, Taco Bell faces a lawsuit over its Mexican pizzas and crunch wraps.