Call of Duty Worm Malware Exploits Bug

Hackers have infected Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players with self-spreading malware by exploiting a bug reported five years ago.

Unfixed Bug from 2018

A security researcher discovered the malware uses a bug reported in 2018, but the game publisher, Activision, never fixed it.

Easy to Exploit

The bug is a simple buffer overflow with few limitations, making it easy to exploit, according to the researcher.

Malware Analysis Confirmed

Another security researcher confirmed the presence of the bug-related code in the malware sample.

“CoDworm” Flagged by Antivirus

The malware is now being flagged as "CoDworm" by some antivirus engines.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Offline

Activision took the game offline on Steam to investigate the issue.

Bug Mystery

The reasons why the bug from 2018 was not fixed remain unclear, even though the game is still actively played online.

Hackers' Intentions Unknown

The hackers' motives for spreading the worm remain a mystery, leaving players vulnerable to attacks.