"Beware of 'Pink WhatsApp' App"

"New app scamming phone users"

"What is 'Pink WhatsApp'?"

"Fraudulent app unrelated to the social media platform"

"Data Breach Warning"

"The app gains access to sensitive information stored on the phone"

"Countries Issuing Alerts"

"Reports of people being scammed and precautions being advised"

"Protect Yourself: Step 1"

"Download apps only from authorized locations like Google Play Store"

"Protect Yourself: Step 2"

"Avoid downloading APK files from unknown sources or sent by someone"

"Protect Yourself: Step 3"

"Identify forwarded messages with the 'Forwarded' label"

"Protect Yourself: Step 4"

"Avoid clicking on suspicious links, especially forwarded ones"

"What to Do If You've Downloaded the App"

"Backup your phone and perform a factory reset immediately"

"Stay Vigilant and Stay Safe"

"Protect yourself from app scams"