Apple's Groundbreaking Patent

Apple was granted a patent for AirPods with in-ear electrodes to read biosignals, including brain waves.

Futuristic Upgrade

The patent describes tiny electrodes all over the earbuds, enabling the mapping of brain activity and other biosignals.

Individual Configuration

Future AirPods might have both active and reference electrodes, tailored to each user's ear for optimal performance.

User Interaction

Users could initiate measurements by tapping on the earpod's side, initiating electroencephalography and more.

Still a Concept

The patent is an exciting possibility, but the technology may not be available in AirPods anytime soon.

Technical Challenges

Implementing tiny electrodes on AirPods poses complex engineering hurdles for Apple.

Regulatory Considerations

To read biosignals, Apple needs certifications from relevant authorities, ensuring safety and compliance.

Expanding Features

Future AirPods may also offer body temperature and hearing health monitoring, further enhancing their capabilities.