Who is Akhil Marar, the winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam season five?

"Akhil Marar Emerges as the Winner of Bigg Boss Malayalam"

"Takes home 5 million rupees and a brand new car"

"Bigg Boss Malayalam: A Popular Reality Show"

"21 contestants, 100 days of drama and entertainment"

"Malayalam Edition Offers the Largest Cash Prize"

"Winning the hearts and a huge cash reward"

"Akhil Marar's Memorable Journey in the Bigg Boss House"

"Sense of humor, funny antics, and impressive gaming skills"

"Controversial Moments and Criticisms"

"Misogynistic views and anger issues create a stir"

"Apology and Defense from Marar's Wife"

"Rajalekshmi Akhil speaks up in support of her husband"

"Derogatory Comments Lead to Warnings"

"Consequences and lessons learned"

"The Grand Finale Night"

"Two finalists stand on the brink of victory"

"Expressing Gratitude to Supporters"

"Acknowledging the support and dedication of friends"