"Adipurush HD Leaks Before OTT Release"

"Setbacks and Challenges Surrounding the Highly Anticipated Film"


"Adipurush, the highly anticipated and most expensive Indian film to date, has faced a series of setbacks."

"Director and Lead Actor"

"Directed by Om Raut and featuring Prabhas in the lead role, the film generated significant buzz."

"Critical Reception"

"Adipurush received criticism for its subpar VFX, lack of authenticity, and monotonous screenplay."

"Leaks and Challenges"

"The HD version of Adipurush leaked online before its official release on an OTT platform."

"Impact on Theatrical Performance"

"The leak undermines the film's theatrical performance and diminishes the potential audience for the upcoming OTT release."

"OTT Release Concerns"

"The HD leak raises concerns about anticipation and viewership for the OTT release."

"Social Media Response"

"Social media flooded with trolls and memes mocking Adipurush, further impacting its reputation."

"Director's Plan"

"Director Om Raut initially planned to release Adipurush on an OTT platform in July."

"Rebuilding Public Interest"

"The film faces challenges in regaining public interest amid negative perception and online mockery."


"Navigating setbacks in the journey of Adipurush"