How to Watch Olympics For Free Without Cable Peacock TV [2022]?

How to watch the Olympics for free without cable?

With China ranking highest with 6 gold, one silver, and 4 bronze, with other countries close in tow, it is a moment worth enjoying. Japan’s Horigame won the gold for historic skateboarding gold, and India standing with one silver, athletes are creating history again.

Now there are just not some but 339 medals to win and there is a huge race for it already.

But there is a concern audience is concerned about, and that is if there is a way to watch the Olympics live without cable support for free?

How to Watch Olympics For Free Without Cable

The British can watch Olympics for free with BBC iPlayer. You can use a VPN to watch through BBC iPlayer if you’re not located in Britain.

For those in the US, you can stream in through Peacock TV at just $4.99 per month with the first seven days coming for free.

Try the 7Plus streaming platform if you happen to be an Aussie.

From Canada, try Sportsnet for CAD$20 per month. Try TSN for either CAD$5 in a day or CAD$20 a month.

How to watch the olympics for free?

If you’re planning to watch the Olympics live without cable for free from India, you could try this variation. You could also use Hulu TV which allows you a free 7-day watch.

If you have an active Jio number, you could try the telecom app called Jio TV for free. Download the app on your phone, and start watching it. Jio does not facilitate a web version of the app.

Can i watch the olympics on peacock?

Yes, you can watch Olympics on Peacock TV if you’re from the United States. Additionally, you can also use a VPN to tune in to Peacock TV.

Which streaming service is best for the Olympics?

It depends on the country you’re in. Generally, the best free or low-cost variations for almost all the countries are mentioned above.

Free olympic streaming sites

Countrywide free streaming sites are many. Some have already been given above.

To watch the Olympics live without cable you have to try Channel 7, Peacock TV if you’re based in South Africa. In Malaysia, five live streaming channels are being provided by the RTM network. Japanese can catch the free Olympic streaming from Peacock TV. Chinese on the other hand can catch free streaming on CCTV.

Similarly, every country has geared up for the Olympics allowing free viewing easily through some of the other streaming networks. Whichever country you’re in, you must check with the lists of the free streaming site to watch the Olympics live without cable for that country and tune in.


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