How to Watch Hulu Live on Smart TV (Complete Tutorial)?

In case you didn’t know, the Walt Disney organization owns the larger part of the American subscription streaming platform Hulu. Added to that, NBC-Universal, a Comcast company, owns the remaining shares. It was first introduced on October 29, 2007, and offers a wide selection of movies and TV shows from networks including ABC, Freeform, and FX Networks as well as Hulu exclusive programming. 

For the record, Hulu started as a collaboration with NBC Universal & News Corporation,  bringing users a wide range of TV series selections from a ton of television networks. Now, its major part is rightfully owned by the Walt Disney Company.

Hulu launched its first subscription service in 2010. Initially known as Hulu Plus, the platform offered users full seasons of TV shows from the major channels and other partners as well as access to fresh new weekly episodes. This made Hulu the first streaming service to use the word “Plus” in its name. For the record, the business introduced Hulu with Live TV in 2017. It was an over-the-top live TV service with linear television channels.

Speaking of the numbers, Hulu had a total of 45.6 million members as of April 2022.

To access, control, and view online content from Hulu and other services, your smart TV operating systems will automatically establish a Wifi or Ethernet connection to your network. That’s all you need and nothing extra on your TV cabinet to stream Hulu on your smart TV.

For the record, some smart TVs of today feature Hulu as a built-in app. For others, still, the process is quite straightforward. All you need to do is download and install Hulu so you can quickly watch your favorite movies by logging into your account. 

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How to watch Hulu live on smart tv?

 Hulu live on smart tv

To watch Hulu live on your smart TV with ease, do consider the steps below-

Method 1

Step 1: To reach the hub, press “Home” from your smart TV remote control.

Step 2: Then, Choose “Apps

Step 3: Navigate to the search bar in the upper-right hand of your screen and type “Hulu.”

Step 4: Now follow the simple on-screen instructions, and install the Hulu app.

Step 5: Once done, launch the Hulu app.

Step 6:  On your welcome page, pick “log in,” and on this device, choose the “login.” option

Step 7: Enter your login credentials and log in.

Step 8: To begin streaming select your profile and you’re done!

Reminder: Finish setting up your account if you purchased your Hulu membership through Apple TV before signing in to Hulu or other supported platforms.

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Method 2

As an alternative to entering a lengthy email address and password, you can simply log in by making use of an activation code. Here are the steps to consider if you think it is convenient:

Step 1: Start the Hulu app

Step 2:  Once you’re on the welcome page, click on “log in.”

Step 3: Utilizing a computer, click “activate.” The very next screen will now display an activation code.

Step 4: Log in at

Step 5: Soon after entering the special activation code, you will be logged in.

Step 6: Click on your profile to begin streaming.

For devices like phones and tablets, which don’t always have an activation code, you can use the app to activate it by entering your Hulu login credentials.

How to set up Hulu live on a smart TV?

How to set up Hulu live on a smart TV?

Samsung Smart TVs (2016+) can access Hulu Live TV. With Apple AirPlay (2018+ models), Samsung Smart TVs can be used to stream content too

Now, consider the following steps below-

Step 1: Samsung Smart TV with Hulu Live TV App

Step 2: Hulu Live TV can be accessed by clicking here.

Step 3: Once you have signed up,  head on to the Samsung Smart TV’s Home Screen 

Step 4: On your Samsung Smart TV, go to the app store and type in “Hulu Live TV” to find it.

Step 5: To install the app, select “Add to Home.”

Step 6: Log in with your Hulu Live TV credentials once the software has been installed.

Hulu Live TV is now accessible on Samsung Smart TVs with ease.


Can you watch Hulu live on a smart TV?

It is possible to watch Hulu Live TV on a wide range of devices, including the Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, Google Chromecast, the Roku, the Android TV, the iPhone/iPad/Android Phone/Tablet, the Mac, Windows, the PlayStation, Xbox, and the Nintendo Switch. So as you can see, the options are dime a dozen.

Will Hulu live work on any smart TV?

The Hulu app ought to work on a television that is only four years old if it is at all possible.

Hulu Live provides access to live TV channels without the need to subscribe to cable TV. In addition, the standard Hulu subscription grants users access to all of the service’s premium content.

If you want to watch Hulu Live and have a fantastic viewing experience while doing so, take a look at the following five different smart TVs.

For starters, you can access Hulu Live through a wide range of smart TV platforms that are powered by Apple, Android, Roku, Fire TV, LG, and Samsung.

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