Walmart Truck Driver Job Application Eligibility Guide

Walmart lately announced its upping starting pay for the truck drivers of the company to between 95000 to 110000 Dollars yearly is from the existing average starting pay of 87000 Dollars. In addition, as per the Wall Street Journal, Walmart will provide employees in other subdivisions training to be licensed truck drivers.

Is Walmart Hiring Truck Drivers?

walmart truck drivers

Walmart has to appoint 900 new truck drivers. Therefore, they are increasing their pay with expectations of appointing more folks and keeping existing truckers. If you are working as a truck driver in Walmart, you can earn around 90000 Dollars yearly. Walmart has over 8000 truck drivers that travel more than 700 million miles to transport goods. Currently, they are searching for certified drivers.

How to Become a Walmart Truck Driver?

To be a Walmart truck driver, you’ll be required to hold a Class A CDL license that can be attained at Roadmaster Drivers School within 3 weeks.

Following three years of driving experience, you’ll be entitled to work as a Walmart truck driver. You’ll earn good money and attain a worthwhile experience of secure truck driving. As soon as you get the license and experience, things will be great in the future.

As many shipping companies have struggled in holding a staff of drivers, Walmart has capitalized comprehensively in its shipping organization, shunning trucker storage. Unlike many major retailers, Walmart keeps its private task force of 9000 truckers, and the median pay for Walmart drivers is twice that of the national median.

The capital of Walmart in its trucking and supply-chain actions goes beyond countless of its competitors. Thus, the retailer does not have any issue holding truckers, as per Walmart’s Vice President of transportation.

How to Apply For Walmart Truck Driver Job Application?

If you wish to apply for a truck driver job at Walmart, you must go to and start the application procedure. The starting online Walmart driver application takes about an hour to finish.

The applicant must ensure that they possess the relevant licenses and expertise required, plus an agreement to any drug and alcohol screens. The applicant cannot change or update the application as soon as everything is issued. Thus, it is vital to ensure that you have the right details beforehand.

What Are Application Requirements?

  1. A minimum of 30 months of experience in a Class A tractor-trailer driving post in the last four years.
  2. No avoidable accidents lead to a casualty or terrible injury in the whole commercial driving career of the applicant.
  3. There are no sentences for a DWI, OUI, or irresponsible driving that entail drugs or alcohol in the last ten years.
  4. A prevailing interstate Class A CDL with HAZMAT endorsement.

Who Is Eligible?

Those holding a prevailing interstate Class A Commercial Driver’s License with a minimum of 30 months in a Class A tractor-trailer driving job can be eligible for a driver’s post at Walmart.

How Much does A Walmart Truck Driver Make?

Increasing the salaries of the truck drivers isn’t the sole incentive that Walmart is integrating for drawing more truckers to its fleet. As per CNBC, Walmart has to begin with a 12-week training program for new drivers in Dover, Texas, and Sanger. The apprentices can earn a commercial driver’s license and secure a job with the company.

The company even pays for the expenses of obtaining the license, which can be around 4000 to 5000 Dollars, says Anne Hatfield, Walmart spokeswoman. Walmart would be increasing the pay of its truck drivers to 95000 Dollars from 87500 Dollars.  

Besides that, the company is to strive to hire new truckers internally. A shortage of drivers during the Covid-19 pandemic pressured supply chains. More than 70 percent of American merchandise moves on trucks.

The turnover in this sector is quite high, and the job is popular for its prolonged hours, weeks spent far away from home and low wages. As per the recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median pay in the year 2020 for heavy truck drivers was 47000 Dollars.

Starting Pay for Walmart Truck Drivers’ Benefits

Besides giving higher pay to the truck drivers, Walmart offers their drivers a wide range of extra benefits. These can be removing barriers, scheduling stability, training and education, and more. 


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