VTL Singapore countries list | VTL flights Singapore Malaysia dates

VTL Singapore countries list

Vaccinated Travel Lanes (VTL) services are being arranged to make entry hassle-free and safe for vaccinated individuals. VTL flights are going out of Singapore to any other VTL nation like Denmark, Spain, Switzerland, and the Netherlands. These countries have provisioned a quarantine-free travel and people can enter these countries without undergoing testing for COVID-19. However, there can still be travel restrictions even in VTL countries based on the travel history of the individual before departure.

Passengers are advised to check the local authority websites before flying to know about further changes. Self-administration, as well as self-testing (using ART kit), will not be sanctified for those planning to fly out of Singapore. Other countries like Australia, and South Korea might require both tests and quarantine. Some other countries require the following arrangements before flying from Singapore.

United StatesA test is required 72 hours before leaving Singapore
United KingdomDay 2 post-arrival test
CanadaThe pre-departure test has to be done 72 hours before flying
ItalyAn ART (Antigen Rapid Test) is mandatory 72 hours before the flight.
FranceThe pre-departure PCR test is essential 72 hours before flying

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VTL flights Singapore to Malaysia dates

Singapore countries list

VTL service flights will resume operations from 29th November 2021. lights to Malaysia will start only to six service locations and will begin with Changi and Kuala Lumpur International airports. However, not much is known as to which travel airlines and flights are specifically interested in flying with the scheme on board.

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VTL flights Singapore to Malaysia timing

Applications for the scheme will be invited from citizens only by 22nd November. Details of these flights will be made public from 22nd November.

Vaccinated travel lane Singapore to Germany flights timing & dates

Completely vaccinated travelers can enter Germany from Singapore without any further restrictions. The individuals must be fully vaccinated at least two weeks before making the travel.

  1. Flight number SQ325 (Boeing 777-300ER) from Frankfurt to Singapore operated daily from 10:00 pm – 4:25 pm (+1) as a VTL flight from 19th to 30th October 2021. SQ325 will also operate from 31st October till 26th March 2022 as a VTL flight.
  2. From Munich to Singapore and back, Flight SQ331 (an Airbus A350-900) is operating on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday from 1:15 pm – 7:05 am (+1) and is going to operate until 26th March 2022.


To conclude, it can be stated that VTL is provisioning confusion-free travel and helps people move faster when travelling from one country to another. If you are left out in another nation and wish to visit your family in another, do not forget to check on the VTL services offered by Singapore Airlines.


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