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What is the vShare. com app store?

vShare app iOS 14 can be used to download and install apps with a tiny installed program used to avoid paying for activation of an app, ordinarily known as a cracked app.

It can install such apps beyond the Apple Appstore. Earlier, vShare download on iOS worked for jailbroken apps but now it can be used for cracked app installation even without jailbreaking.

Lots of apps can be downloaded like vShare games, music apps and other many apps.

How to vShare app download free?

How to vShare app download free

Follow the below methods to install the vShare app on Android as well as on iOS platforms.

vShare download Android

To download the vShare app on Android, follow the below steps;

– Download the app by clicking on the download button.

– Avoid the security prompt that pops up on your system warning you that the file might harm your phone by clicking on the OK button.

– Go to your downloaded folder, and double click on it to find the file on your phone.

– Further, click on the following tabs one by one, Menu>Settings>Security>download from unknown sources.

– Once you install it, you can open the app to install it.

vShare download iOS, iPhone

vShare apk download on unjailbroken devices can be done by observing the below procedure;

– On the Safari browser of your iOS device, type in

– From there move to the official vShare website.

– Click on the download option and then press the Install button.

– Tap on the home button and click on the vShare to complete the installation process.

– Click on the Trust to launch tab once the vShare installation is complete.

For downloading vShare on jailbroken devices, you might have to use vShare helper iOS and download vShare with Cydia. From there you will need to access and download the vShare app.

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How to install Minecraft, Spotify apps from vShare Appstore? ios appstore free

To install Minecraft & Spotify app from vShare Appstore can be downloaded following the below procedure;

– On the Search box of the vShare Appstore, type in Minecraft or Spotify app.

– From a list of options, click on the Minecraft tab.

– Now click on the install button.

– Once installed click on the download button. Always try to go for the direct download and also try the latest version option since it is easy and convenient.

– Once downloaded click to allow required permissions.


Is vShare iOS a safe site?

Yes, vShare iOS is absolutely a safe site to use.

Alternatives/vshare like apps

Alternatives to vShare are the Tutuapp, Panda Helper, Top Store app and also the Appcake.

Is vShare legal?

It is completely legal to use vShare and safe. It is regularly scanned for security breaches.

vShare reviews

vShare has great reviews from people who are using the app online and people are loving it. It has almost a ¾ rating from users located all across the globe.


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