How to Use Voyager digital App? Get 100 dollars reward [2024]

The Voyager digital app Canada is a platform through which one can earn almost 12% per year from 60+ cryptocurrencies available on the site. This app store ranking is the best when choosing an altcoin due to its secure investment platform. The site is FDIC insured with USD 250,000 invested in the Voyager digital app. To have an account, you must be 18 years and older.

How to Voyager app download?

Voyager digital app

To have the Voyager, you must either visit the Apple appstore for iOS and Google Playstore for Android devices. Press the Install button as soon as you have found the app post typing the name of the app from the search bar.

How to use Voyager app?

When buying cryptocurrencies with the Voyager app, you do not have to pay any transaction fees for them. The purchasing and the selling process are just one tap process. Registering the app requires following the below points.

  1. Once you download the app you will be directed to the sign-up page.
  2. Add your email ID and create a password and then click on the checkbox to accept the terms and conditions.
  3. You can also place your reward code if you have received one from a friend or family member.
  4. Next, click on the Continue tab and then add your first and last name.
  5. Add your mobile number and then add the code sent to your mobile number.
  6. Punch in your address in the next segment and then you might come across a pop-up message that says about the waiting list present towards completing the sign-up process.
  7. Meanwhile, you can explore the app and find out more about it.
  8. Once your sign-up is confirmed, you will see a list of companies that are selling their cryptocurrencies. Their selling price and other details will flash on the screen beside the name of the cryptocurrency.
  9. You must also add bank accounts from where your money will be deducted when you are buying crypto and where your money will be deposited when selling crypto.
  10. If you are purchasing a cryptocurrency, complete the transaction process and buy it off.
  11. You might also ask to enter your birth date, social security number, verify email and then verify documents (Passport or license or ID card).
  12. You can buy by sliding the buy button, entering the amount you want to invest and then confirming the payment.
  13. The process to sell your cryptocurrencies is also pretty much the same and then even refer a friend through the refer a friend tab in the app.

Voyager digital app 100 dollars

The Voyager digital stock is giving a $100 crypto reward to every Mars fan and the offer remains open till 30th Oct.

promo code

Different promo codes are active with the app, users are seen trying the MAVS100 promo code. Deposit an amount of $100 after opening the account and also at least complete a $10 in the process.

Voyager reward code

Voyager reward code of $25 can be obtained with the Voyager digital app reward code. Reward codes are very common on the site as is promo codes.

App review

Google Playstore currently reviews the app and places a score of 4.6, and the Apple App Store rating is 4.7. When rating the app, the ease with which you can buy and send cryptocurrencies through Voyager and also the safety measures provided by the app are parameters taken into account. It is essential to say that the Voyager app reviews cannot go below 4.5 stars.


If you want to invest through Voyager, you can refer to this small but useful article to know more about it.

Is Voyager crypto safe?

It’s completely safe to invest money via Voyager that is accurately licensed using the most modern technologies to prevent hackers from reaching your money.

Is the Voyager app free?

Yes, it is a free app and requires absolutely no money for downloading the app and using it.

Is Voyager Digital legit?

The company is genuinely registered and its details can be found on the website if someone is interested in verifying it.

Is Voyager better than Coinbase?

Voyager is an awesome choice for mobile oriented crypto investors. Voyager is commission free, and crypto withdrawals are charged with a flat fee.

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