How to vote on voice app? What is the cost to vote on voice app?

Voice App Can Make Your Voting Smoother

Do you view the show The Voice, regularly? Wondering how to vote spontaneously for your favorite contestant? The organizers are up with the latest version of the Voice App. This will help you make the desirable candidate the winner of the season. 

Let’s check out the various guidelines in this respect. 

How to vote on the voice app?

vote on voice app
  • It is now simple to vote on the Voice App, or you can log on to the official website of
  • Set the profile on the NMB portal first
  • At the beginning of the Live shows, select the contestant you like
  • Cast a vote in favour of your favorite artist

How to vote on the voice without the app?

  • In case you do not have the Voice app available, go for the website of NBC
  • You will get the option from NBC/the voice 
  • However, be it app or website, you need to have a registered id for voting
  • You can watch live shows and cast a vote on the NBC official portal, also
  • There is a suitable option to pick your favorite contestant and vote from anywhere.
  • The NBC center will give the answers to all the queries for voting and playing simultaneously for the Voice Seasons. 

What is the cost to vote on the voice app?

  • If you download the official Voice app, there is no question of money
  • The app is absolutely free of cost
  • During the live shows, you can watch, give vote and save it
  • It is possible to watch the digital exclusives also for easy voting purposes
  • You can check the profiles of your favorite contestants

Therefore, voting on the Voice App seems a lot easier than the NBC portal. Just one registration, and you are able to vote for the preferred artists. Make your decision only after watching the live performances and give quick votes on the app.

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